Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School

Does it make me a bad Mom to be so glad my kids are going back to school? I loved having them home, we did so many fun things this summer. But, I love that they are going back to school, so I can get something done. It will be nice to have a few moments of peace and quiet without all of the fighting.

Gracie was by far the most excited for school, but the boys were excited too, and a little nervous, even Gavin. They all had a hard time falling asleep. Except for Gavin, each one of them woke up at some point in the night and couldn't go back to sleep for over an hour. They are going to be dragging, as is Mom. I should go back to bed instead of uploading pictures to my blog and Facebook.

Gavin is in 10th grade this year, a Sophomore. Am I really that old?? He has a tougher schedule this year, we'll see how we do. Gracie is in 4th grade and got the teacher she has been hoping for since the first of 3rd grade, Mrs. Baker. Gage is in 2nd grade and got the teacher I had been hoping for, Mrs. Feldmann. The twins are in 1st grade, all day this year!!! (You should see my cartwheels, they are really not that good) They didn't put them in the same class, which I wanted to try, but that's okay, I guess. Berek got Gage's teacher from last year, Mrs. Gladney, and we love her. Bridger got Ms. Nash and I think we will really like her, too.

Canopy (zip-line) and ATV Jungle tour

As promised, here are a couple photos from our zip line experience. It was a blast. We bought the DVD that they make during your whole tour and the crew was really funny and friendly. My boys were so funny when they watched it because they are so protective of me and didn't think these guys should be that close to their Mom. There was one zip line that they sent me down without holding the line and it made me spin backwards and it was a really fast line. One of the crew, the one I am on the 4-wheeler with, zipped a long behind me and caught me. As he was watching, Berek said, "Mom, does he like you, why did he do that." Then Gage said I shouldn't be hugging other guys when Steve took a picture of me with the whole crew. And Bridger didn't like me on the 4-wheeler with the guy doing the wheelies (he had all of the girls on the tour get on to scare us to death). Too funny.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We had a blast in Puerto Vallarta this last week. After a summer home with the kids, I needed a break, I know you all did too, you should have come with. Steve and I were alone until Wednesday night when my Dad met up with us there. We went diving, where we got to hold a small octopus, my kids are so jealous. We took a catamaran tour to a bay that was lit with only torches and candles for a show and dinner. We took a city tour and ate fresh seafood in a fisherman's village in the jungle. We played in the ocean and layed out and relaxed by the pool and on the beach. I got sick from the water??? maybe, but Pepto kept me going. We went on a canopy zip line and ATV jungle tour that was awesome, those pictures are to come. I really only wanted to do the ATV part (because I am a big chicken) but ended up sailing above the jungle on 12 different zip lines and luuuuved it!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Babies are Six

I haven't blogged all summer, our life has been so crazy. So it takes a birthday to get me back in the groove by putting together a "birthday slide show". I had so much fun going back through the pictures. I had forgotten how little Gage was when they were born, he was just a baby himself.

The twins have been so excited for their birthday. They got to have their first friend birthday party and we had, including my kids, 19 or 20 kids at the party. A little crazy, but a lot of fun. The pinata didn't break all over the place and I had to throw the candy at them, but that's okay. They played in the water and on the playground.

Later that night (this was all on Wednesday, the 12th) we had the family party. Their main gift from Mom and Dad were their much needed new bikes. Bridger had to learn to ride a bike on his friend's bike, because his old one was too small. They love them, and Bridger had his first crash. Berek still has the training wheels on his because he is a big chicken, but a cute chicken.

Happy Birthday, Boys (not babies anymore, I guess, but always my babies(sniffle)).