Friday, May 29, 2009

Taylor Swift

Tuesday night was the Taylor Swift concert that the girls have been looking forward to for months. Shannon took her three girls, Mrs. H (incase she doesn't want her name on the blog) took her three girls, and I took Gracie. We went out to eat, first (Cafe Rio, my favorite) and then off to the Delta Center (I know that is not what it is called anymore, but that is what I still call it. I can never remember its real name). A band named Gloriana opened. Kellie Pickler was supposed to sing, but she was sick. Taylor Swift puts on a great show. It isn't just music. She adds a lot of props and special effects, like when the rain falls with the words "No", "Me" and "Why" in it (that was really cool). The girls loved all of the extras she added to each of her songs. For instance, the background changed to look like a library and she sang, sitting at a table with a boy, for the song "Drew". It was great, except for the cable that hung down from the ceiling right infront of center stage from where I sat. What is up with that. You'd think they would have the technology not to have to block view to get to their equipment.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sorry About the Music

I don't know what is up with the music on my blog. I haven't changed anything, but apparently there is a glitch. So, until I get a chance to play with it and figure it out, Sorry.

Memorial Weekend

For the weekend we had the best camping spot. We wanted to go camping, but didn't want to be around all of the other campers, so we decided to go to my grandparents'. They have a grass field between two rows of trees and a pond. It was so nice. The kids had a ball playing in and around the pond. We had a great camp fire. The kids could ride around on the ranger and 4-wheelers without having to worry about them getting in other peoples way. We did get some rain, but that was okay. Along for the weekend were Steve's Mom and husband, his sister, Andrea and her kids, our friends, the Harvey's, my sister and her girlfriend, and my Mom. We had a great time.

Finally Get to Mow

This is kind of a late post, but we finally got to mow our grass about a week ago. We planted early fall of last year, but it just never got long enough to mow, until last week. It is starting to fill in more and actually look like a real lawn. It is so nice not to have dirt out my back patio. Front Yard? Probably not this year, real estate needs to pick up!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

We got the kids out on the porch for a picture on Mother's day. They were pretty easy, this time, as far as taking pictures go. We usually have atleast one that won't cooperate. My Mom's dog had to get in the picture too.

Tuckered Out

This is my very cute little niece, Makaila. I watched her and her 6 month old sister for a few days a week or so ago. Makaila loves my boys and would wait, so impatiently for them to come home from school each day. When they got home they would play and play. She passed out on the couch after a hard day, with one of the many pairs of shoes that she had on that day. She loves shoes, I finally had to lock my closet to keep my shoes from littering the house, so she just went after the boys.

Piano Recital

You'll have to bear with me, I am finally getting to my blog, so there is going to be a few new entries.

Gage and Gracie had their annual Spring Piano Recital on the 2nd. They both did really well. Gage did the cutest bow after he played his pieces and it was so cute. The girl before him bowed and I think he just wasn't quite sure if he was supposed to, also. He has almost been playing for a year and Gracie for 2 years. They were less nervous this time, so I it must be true that the more you perform the easier it gets.

Student of the Month

Gage finally got Student of the Month, for his class. He was so excited, he has been hoping for it all year. He is a really good student and loves to learn new things. He has had a really good teacher this year, in fact she has been nominated for "Teacher of the Year" and Gage loves her (so does Mom, I am hoping the twins get her next year).