Friday, August 29, 2008

School Daze

Being in school has been an adjustment for us all. Gavin has forgotten something 5 days out of the 8 he's been in. And he has missed the bus several times and is already having trouble with the bus driver. On a positive note, he is thinking about trying out for the swim team. Gracie and Gage have been doing okay getting up and in class. Gracie finishes her homework on the bus, to allow for more time to play. Gage had his first day of "all day" school yesterday, and wasn't really impressed. The twins have been having a terrible time getting up. I am hoping this will get better. Our biggest problem is what clothes they will wear. They are both partial to a couple of shirts, and because there are usually two of every shirt, they want to wear them back to back. From a mother's standpoint, although they are clean, it will look like I am sending them in the same shirt day after day. This morning after listening to Berek cry and beg to wear the "Green muscle shirt" (between the two of them, they each have two different green muscle shirts and has worn three of them this week), I finally said he couldn't go if he wasn't willing to wear a different shirt and told him he could put the green one on as soon as he got home. The minute he walked in the door, he headed for his room and changed his shirt. He didn't even say "Hi, Mom.", first.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


School started last week for my older kids. Gracie started 3rd grade and Gage started 1st. We hit two milestones this year. Gavin started high school and Berek and Bridger started Kindergarten. Their (Bridger and Berek’s) first day was today. I have been so ready to have them go to school. A few hours a day to myself, to get to the things that never get gotten too. They went back and forth about whether they were going to ride the bus or not. I really wanted them to “need” me to take them to school. They really wanted to ride the bus, but they could see that I “needed” to take them. In the end they rode the bus, although we almost missed it because we couldn’t find Berek’s shoes. We had Gracie shouting at us the whole time to hurry (she hates to be late). They were so cute all lined up for the bus and they were so excited. I had my camera all ready to take pictures and had left the card in my computer, Crap! So. . . I sent my babies off and just stood there and thought, “Now What”, my babies are gone. I have been crying every time I talk or think about it ever since (like now, for instance). I so didn’t think it would hit me like this. I know I will start to appreciate it in a few days when I am actually getting projects done, like my basement. But for now, I’m going to sit around and cry and blame my dear sweet husband because I don’t still have a baby at home(just kidding, honey). Maybe I should eat bon bons and watch soap operas. What are bon bons, anyway?


Watermelon and Trees

I am so excited, we are finally getting a back yard. I think I am more excited about the trees, though. They got most of them planted today. I have a small garden off the side of my house, that by the way is right in the way of the landscapers. But I have several pumpkins and this watermelon that I am so proud of. I think we are even going to be able to eat it. The kids keep asking when it's going to be ready. They love to go out and check it out. Berek said to Gavin the other night, "Did you know that Mom's growing melons?" Good thing Dad wasn't around to hear that, I am sure he'd have a comment for that.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Soccer Time

Today was the twins first soccer game. They were so excited they could hardly stand it. They played really good too, and couldn’t stand it when I had to take them out to rotate players. Gage had his first game today, too, but I didn’t get a picture. The twins game was at 9 in Grantsville and Gage’s was at 10 in Overlake. He is on the same team with another little girl that lives out here, and her little brother is on the twins team, so her mom took her and Gage and headed to their game early and I followed with the three little boys after their game was over. So, in the rushing around, I didn’t get a picture of Gage. Oh, well, I will get one later. He did really good too, even with a blister on his foot. His next game is Thursday at 7:00 at Overlake. You all should have the twins schedule already. Love Ya All. This is my new way to keep everyone informed or the goings on in our lives, so hopefully I can keep it up through the school year.