Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bunko or is it Bunco?

We have a really fun Bunko group in our neighborhood and this last Thursday was my month to host. My kids get to watch me get ready all day and set out the candy at all the tables, all the time wondering what Bunko is. I set out mini Charleston Chews on one of the tables, my kids' favorite. We also had Sierra Mist, which they were hoping wouldn't get finished off by "all" 12 ladies. The next day when the twins got home from school, their first questions was if there were any Charleston Chews left (they were in bed when Bunko was over). After lunch, we were going to play two games, one I choose (some type of learning) and one they choose. They chose Bunko. I have a Bunco game that was given to me a couple of years ago that I pulled out, which is the ? of the spelling, I have always spelled it Bunko, but the box is Bunco, so maybe I have been spelling it wrong all along, and hadn't noticed that everyone else spells it different? Or maybe Bunko is right? I personally like Bunko better. Anyway, back to the boys, we sat down to a card table and played Bunco. 21 was a little high for their attention span, so we played to 11, and I really wasn't sure if they would catch on to the counting of the numbers, but they did and they had a great time. They had their Sierra Mists and Charleston Chews right there to snack on.

Slow, Children at Play

In the nice weather we have been having, my boys have been riding their skateboards down our hill and flying onto the road in front of our house. It scares me to death that they are going to crash, or worse, be run over by a car. So I have been placing my "Slow, Children at Play" sign (my mother-in-law had it made because we lived on a really busy street before) out on the road, hopefully so cars would see it and pay attention that kids are around and hopefully slow down. It looks like its been working. But, when I came in the house today, they decided the bigger hill would make them go faster, and when I no longer heard their wheels going down the hill, I went looking. They had gone done the big hill onto the main road, which a car would not be able to stop. So, I guess they were being looked after by someone other then Mom on that little jaunt, because they came back unscathed, but with their tails between their legs as they saw me standing with hands on hips. It kind of reminded me of the "Poky Little Puppy" story. When I asked why they would go out there, they answered "Because we could go super fast" and "Mom, Don't be mad". See what happens when there is two, they never would have done that alone.

Friday, February 20, 2009


The boys have been in basketball this season and have really been enjoying it. Gage is on a team with several boys from our neighborhood and they have a good time. I would like him to be more aggressive, but I would like that for Soccer, too, and maybe that's just not him, we will have to see. Maybe he saves all his aggressions for his siblings at home. The twins really like their team. They don't really have games, they just scrimmage against each other and learn the basics of the game. There are 22 kids on their team and they split up into 3 groups. They do really well if they don't get teamed up with one of their little friends from Kindergarten, then all they want to do it play. So, we make sure they are each in a different group. Gage has one more game tomorrow and the twins have one more week, and then we are all done. Woohoo!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Slugs - From Flushed Away

I had to post this picture, because I think they are so cute. Gage found in the "Bonus Features" of the Flushed Away movies a walk through of how to make slugs out of clay. So we got out the clay and we followed along to make our slugs. I think they turned out so cute.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bronchitis. . . What's Next?

After our bout with the flu, that should be sufficient for our illnesses this season, don't you agree? But last week I came down with a nasty head cold which turned into a sinus infection and Gage got Bronchitis. Trudi reminded me that it's because our house is toasty and warm. I joked last year that we didn't get sick because propane was so expensive, that I kept our furnace at 65 and the germs couldn't grow. As soon as we got our pellet stove, we all got sick. So. . . I think that's it, either that or my house is too dirty!! Gage missed two days of school last week and he's off today, ick for the make-up homework, good thing he's a good student. He should be up for going to school tomorrow.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Student of the Month - January, a little late posting

When I went over to the elementary school on Monday to help out with February students of the month, I realized I had never put a little blog on about Gracie being January's Student of the Month for her class. January was a little crazy for us. So, a little late, here is my good little Student of the Month, for Academic and Behavior. She's such a good girl (when she isn't beating on her brothers:)).