Monday, March 2, 2009

Green Eggs and Ham

Bridger brought home this cute Dr. Suess hat, and Berek has one too, but wouldn't go put it on so that I could take a picture. It must be Dr. Suess' birthday, since the Google logo is made of up cat's in the hats and things 1 and 2. Anyway, my favorite part about the Dr. Suess day, is today when I was at the school helping with Student of the Month, we passed Gage's class. They have little Dr. Suess rymes that the student did on their door. Gage's was so cute, it read, "I like green eggs and ham in the dark, I like green eggs and ham with Linkin Park." Now, I am really naive about music, and Dad has the boys hooked on a couple of Linkin Park songs that are okay, but who knows, the rest of it could be trash, and there it is right up there on his school door. Who knows, but I thought it was cute, Gage loves his ipod and his music.

Adventures in Dirt Biking

Gavin finally got a dirt bike, yikes! He has always wanted one, and we told him if he'd save $300, we'd help him buy one, when he was about 8. He is a terrible saver, so I figured it would never happen, and then I wouldn't have to worry about him breaking his neck or leg or whatever else. Well, this last summer he worked for a family in our neighborhood with landscaping and made enough to give us $300 for the bike and buy him a cell phone, with a little left over. I lost the argument that he didn't really save and save and save. Steve finally started looking seriously and they went and looked at a few and bought this one. It is older and wasn't too expensive, since he will be learning on it. He tipped it over already, twice last night. I hope he survives his new adventures in dirt biking. Bridger said last night that when he grows up he wants to be a "dirt Biker" like Gavin. Too cute. I thought I had a picture of him on the bike, but maybe I didn't get one because he was driving too fast.