Sunday, May 1, 2011


So maybe I'll just get major events on here. I really wanted to try to update my blog more often, but life is ", so crazy, even my scrapbooks aren't keeping caught up. So, for our annual Easter trip, we traveled down past Hansksville, about 20 miles to an area called "Little Egypt". It really should be called "Little Goblin Valley", because that's what it looked like. The first day the wind blew terribly, then we had two great days, and we were rained out on Sunday, literally. We ran into 3 rattle snakes, yes 3, which we have never done on our Easter trips. Two were literally walked right over, they were the same red color of the sand. My Grandma wasn't able to be there, as she is still in the hospital trying to recover from her surgeries. This tradition was started by her parents and she loves it so much and so do all of us, so it's really sad not to have her there. We love you, Grandma!

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